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Professional GPS tracking for animals - Europe-wide


Software for your browser and apps for your smartphone

Completely configured.

Turn on, log in, locate!



Observe the distance travelled and the whereabouts


Build geo fences and get messages when leaving

Runtime depending on the interval

up to three years!

Highlights software

Apps for your iOS and Android smartphone (all languages)
Unlimited real time tracking for dogs
Access from multiple smartphones simultaneously
Easy to use!
Completely configured - ready to go!
Export position history
Access by multiple users
Friendly customer service
Europe-wide data transfer, apps and location software included for one year!

(following year only 22,90 EUR!)
and much more...

Highlights GPS tracker for cows, sheep, goats and horses

Very small - only 8.5cm x 5.2cm
Low weight - only 150g
Extremely stable belt fastening!
Battery lifetime up to three years!
Very accurate - up to three meters!
IP67 waterproof
Completely configured - ready to go!

Successfully tested in the Alps

Using our easy-to-use location system, you can comfortably monitor the position of animals on your PC, tablet or smartphone from home, instantly observing whether the animals are in a hazardous area or remain suspiciously long in the same spot. From now on, make a targeted start to find your animals. Furthermore, with the help of our software, you can define a so-called geo-fence, and thus be informed automatically, if the animals leave this area.


show history

very accurate - up to three meters!

geo fence

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